Exploring Hydrogen’s Role in Decarbonising Energy Systems

The Lisbon Energy Summit ClimateTech & Hydrogen Theatre will look at the increasing importance of hydrogen in the evolving global energy mix.

As the industry grapples with the energy poly-crisis, renewable gases and hydrogen-based solutions will lay the foundations for more secure, sustainable, and affordable energy supplies across the globe. The theatre will assemble the industry’s leading players to discuss technological breakthroughs, and challenges in upscaling the global hydrogen economy.

With the global hydrogen generation market expected to reach $230 billion by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%, the role of hydrogen in terms of achieving global climate targets continues to increase significantly. The need for cleaner fuel alongside tightening government restrictions is accelerating the use of hydrogen. Furthermore, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has highlighted the necessity for energy security and a diversity of supply to ensure economic stability while, simultaneously, changing the paradigm for renewable energy and hydrogen, as countries look to accelerate large-scale deployment to lower net emissions and provide greater energy security.

The ClimateTech & Hydrogen Theatre takes a deep dive into long-term strategies being used by hydrogen producers and its role in accelerating the industries transition to green energy. With topics covering the latest technologies, the move towards green hydrogen and the role hydrogen can play across a wide range of industries, the theatre provides a showcase of collaborative and innovative projects aimed at fulfilling net-zero commitments.

The Lisbon Energy Summit ClimateTech & Hydrogen Theatre will showcase the latest and most innovative strategies and technologies which are enabling the industry to evolve and decarbonise.

The increasing focus on achieving climate targets is causing a shift in the global economy and opening various untapped market opportunities for energy players. New and advanced climate technologies are lowering emissions, safeguarding future energy supplies and accelerating the green energy transition on a global scale.

Providing a showcase of new talent and initiatives across a range of industry sectors, The ClimateTech & Hydrogen Theatre brings together leading industry experts, service providers, innovators, disrupters, investors and future leaders to discuss new ways to tackle the global energy poly-crisis and continue moving forwards towards reducing emissions and decarbonising energy systems.

With a programme encompassing traditional renewable energy solutions and nascent industries including solar, offshore wind, EV batteries and nuclear, The ClimateTech & Hydrogen Theatre will serve as the platform for showcasing the latest in technological innovation to a global audience of buyers from across the energy value chain. It also combines present experience with the future as we provide a stage for emerging-stars of the industry to promote new innovative technologies to fulfil net-zero commitments