The Hydrogen & Decarbonisation Theatre is an unique platform for innovative presentations and discussions around decarbonisation pathways. Many of the highest polluting industries are not fully able to electrify which means that to reduce emissions, particularly those of CO2, a cleaner burning fuel is needed. Hydrogen is positioned to be the leading green molecule to assist industries like steel, cement, refining, mining and petrochemicals to decarbonise their operations. In transportation, the use of hydrogen in fuel cells to power industrial and commercial vehicles can have a step change effect on reducing emissions and, when converted into green ammonia or green methanol, can have huge benefits in decarbonising shipping.

The E.U. has written into its Renewable Energy Directive several acts which specify how and when hydrogen can be considered green, using surplus renewable energy such as wind and solar to create green hydrogen for use within member states. Portugal as the anchor leg of the proposed H2Med project linking Portugal, Spain, France and Germany is considered extremely strategic in the supply of green hydrogen and at a national level has mandated a blend of hydrogen within its gas transmission system with a guaranteed off-taker in Galp Energia.

However, technologies are varied, and supply chains are still to be established with multiple projects sitting at FID stage waiting to be taken forward.

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The Hydrogen & Decarbonisation Theatre offers solutions providers the opportunity to present their ideas and technologies to push forward the implementation of hydrogen. Visitors from utilities, IOCs, Government & Municipalities, Heavy Industry, Transportation, Shipping, Refining and Petrochemicals seeking pathways to Net Zero will be in attendance.

Technologies across the following areas are prioritised:

- Electrolysers and fuel cells
- Power-to-X
- Gas processing & storage
- Grid integration & storage
- Batteries

Presentations are on a first come first served basis and are open to confirmed exhibitors. Contact us on info@lisbonenergysummit.com to book your slot.

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