Celia Pedro

Industrial Manager Eco-Oil


Célia Pedro is the President of GJE (Grupo de Jovens Engenheiros), a working Team of Young Engineers from Ordem dos Engenheiros (OE, Portuguese Chamber of Engineers) since May 2022, leading a team of 22 young Professionals.

In February 2018, Célia begin working at Eco-Oil as Laboratory Manager and leading the @Blue Ports project, aiming to treat ballast water. After one year of hard work at Eco-Oil, Célia had shown the right set of skills to take the leading role of Eco-Oil Industrial Manager.

Eco-Oil is a Port Reception Facility located in Setúbal, Portugal, that receives tankers' waste and produces EcoGreen Power, a fuel oil 100% recycled and a great example for the Circular Economy, contributing to the decarbonization of industry and the achievement of Net Zero CO2 emissions.