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Innovation zone

The Innovation zone

Innovation in the energy industry has never been more important.  Creating a robust start-up ecosystem, that is well nurtured, will deliver accelerated progress as the world drives ambitions for net zero and a greener future.  Sufficiently scaling these innovations from start-ups requires strong partnerships with corporations and investors.  The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition is partnering with Net Zero Insights to bring select number of start-ups to present in the Climatetech theatre – part of the Innovation zone. Submit your interest today to present in the Start-up & Innovation showcase today.

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How it works

Take this opportunity to present your innovations and pitch your products to a captive audience of investors looking to scale technologies that will help drive the transformation of the energy industry to a net zero future.  Start-ups and investors can pre-schedule meetings onsite via the app to connect onsite in several networking areas to discuss their pitches further.

Why join the Innovation zone?

The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition’s Innovation zone will enable start-ups to put their company front and centre to leading investors, industry influencers, and decision makers.   Showcase your innovations whilst taking advantage of networking opportunities and pitching your products to industry experts, as well as gaining exposure to major international corporations working across the energy value chain.

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Climatetech Conference

The emerging nexus between green electrons and green molecules is creating new opportunities for innovation. Technologies that combine the flexibility, energy resiliency and clean burning of green fuels with the scalable power of renewable energy offer clear pathways to a net zero future without sacrificing access to reliable, secure energy. These technologies reach further than energy though and encompass a holistic look at resource management (land, water, infrastructure) within the wider context of sustainability and climate adaptation.

The Climatetech Conference welcomes key start-ups, disruptors, and early-stage pioneers in the following key areas:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Climatetech
  • Green materials
  • Circular economy
  • Alternative mobility
  • CCUS
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Digitalisation & A.I.

Learn from industry experts at the Utility, Commercial & Industrial, and Solar & Storage sessions during the Climatetech conference.

Discover the latest in solar technology & manufacturing, rooftop & ground-level projects, and installation solutions.

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