The Hydrogen industry is at an exciting cross-roads. With the establishment of the E.U.’s Hydrogen Bank and multiple projects moving towards FID, the need is present for choosing technology and establishing supply chain partners.

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However, the technology choice is far from clear and those in need of decarbonisation solutions need clarity on making the correct decisions;

  • PEM vs Solid Oxide vs Alkaline electrolysers?
  • To employ batteries in hybrid setups or standalone?
  • How to integrate with established grid connections?
  • Which solutions work better with offshore wind generation vs onshore wind or solar?
  • What role can green ammonia, methanol, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, E-Fuels and other bio-based solutions play in decarbonising operations and which is more efficient for a given application?
  • Which EPC company has the best range of expertise and experience to execute?

All these questions remain large unanswered and as the hydrogen industry is poised for hockey stick growth, showcasing solutions and technologies to shed light on which pathway to take is crucial. The Hydrogen and Decarbonisation Zone offers companies the opportunity to display tangible solutions to push projects forward. The Zone surrounds the Theatre of the same name, providing 3 days of cutting-edge content, networking and focus on outcomes.

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As a sponsor of the Hydrogen & Decarbonisation Zone or Hydrogen & Decarbonisation Theatre, your company will be positioned alongside the most influential and important thought-leaders shaping global strategies to decarbonise energy systems and drive the energy transition. Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition provides a unique opportunity to reach senior level professionals online and face-to-face, through a highly effective event platform. Sponsoring this key part of the exhibition will enable your company to deliver key messages and position them as an industry leader in front of a global audience.