Ten Things to Watch in Solar in 2023

Every January, BloombergNEF’s solar team makes ten predictions for the coming year and evaluates those from last year. In 2023, the solar market will continue to grow strongly and find new niches for expansion, but not all companies will succeed as the market opens to new entrants.

Download the full report from BloombergNEF to gain an insight in to how the Solar sector has faired in the last 12 months, plus discover detailed analysis and reasoning on why they predict the following for 2023;

1. New build PV market to grow another 50GW

2. Dramatic increase in polysilicon supply, and decline in price

3. At least three midsized solar manufacturers will go bankrupt

4. N-type silicon-based solar products to exceed 15% market share

5. Solar manufacturing will expand only slightly in Europe, a little faster in the US and most rapidly in India,        Turkey and southeast Asia

6. Grid connection queues will continue to slow down project development despite government efforts

7. European governments will adjust permitting regulations to allow more PV build

8. PV projects will continue to be built for merchant revenue

9. Solar will increasingly be paired with storage at small and large scales

10. Green hydrogen will begin to drive demand for solar megabases

View the BloombergNEF report here.