Aydar Shakirov

Head of Gas Market Analysis Department Gas Exporting Countries Forum


Aydar Shakirov represents the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). The GECF is an intergovernmental organisation that provides a framework for exchanging experience and information among its 19 member countries, which are the world’s leading gas exporting countries. Together, the GECF member countries represent 72% of global proven gas reserves, 44% of global marketed gas production, and over 50% of global pipeline gas and LNG exports. Aydar Shakirov joined the GECF Secretariat in 2017 and assumed the position of the Head of Gas Market Analysis Department in 2021. The principal mission of the Gas Market Analysis Department is to monitor and analyze gas market developments in the short term, with a special focus on gas consumption, gas production, pipeline gas and LNG trade, gas storage, gas prices and pricing mechanisms, energy policies, and dynamics of competing fuels.