Jos Theuns

Researcher Exide Technologies-PT


Jos Theuns, Head of Innovations for ESS at Exide Technologies, is a highly accomplished electrical engineer with a wealth of experience in the IT and battery industries. He started his career in the technical computer business before transitioning to the battery industry in 1993. Having previously held management positions at renowned companies such as Rockwell Automation and General Electric, Jos is a true expert in his field. 

In 2014, he founded his own company, which is now part of Exide Technologies, operating under "Customized Energy Systems". In recent years, Jos has spearheaded the design and engineering of cutting-edge lithium-ion based energy storage solutions (ESS) that are revolutionizing a wide range of applications. From renewable energy time shift self-consumption, frequency control, and peak shaving, to fast charging and energy trading. These modular systems are utilized for electric vehicle charging, renewable energy integration and more.