Rogaciano Rebelo

CEO Madoqua Vantures


Roger is the CEO & co-founder of Madoqua Renewables. He is developing Madoqua’s projects from concept to operations, focusing on three flagship projects in Portugal: a cement decarbonization and synthetic fuels project in central Portugal and green hydrogen and green ammonia projects in Sines.

He brings vast energy experience and has exposure across CIS, Middle East, Asia and Africa. He holds a PhD (Applied Strategy), an MBA (Finance), MIB (Operations Management), Honors degree in Law (Commercial International Law) and has 20 years of hands-on business and operations experience of working on engineering, procurement and construction projects. He worked for Honeywell, Oman Oilfields, Invensys and Schneider Electric and managed technical infrastructure projects for OEM’s/EPC’s at Iran Offshore, Qatar Fuels Bunkering Facility, Delhi Airport, Dubai & Jebel Ali Airport, Dubai Metro, Dubai Mall, Shaybah Power Plant, Sur UFC 85 Project, Dangote Refinery, and Shell Nigeria LNG.